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Who are the quietest and who are the loudest?


  • ash
  • elliott
  • valentine
  • wakana
  • vlad


  • bailey
  • tawny
  • sasha
  • kamala
  • rue

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Do any of your OCs have pets?

none of them are so GREAT at caring for pets but

  • brendons probably had a snake. maybe he still has one
  • mattias has a ferret. half the time its not even with him
  • anantas probably kept a lot of different pets but none currently
  • the closest shiloh has to pets is carrying dead animals she finds around with her
  • wakana probably had a tarantula before dying
  • tawnys got a lot of cats and different animals. probably ferrets and birds

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chances are elliott does

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What are some of your OC's favorite types of music?
  • elliott likes anything fast paced and up beat
  • vlad and valentine like calmer music. valentine will occasionally go for violent music
  • bailey likes Violent sounding crunkcore and probably iggy azzelzlalzlea
  • ash likes more upbeat music than they do calmer or sadder music
  • wakana likes more violent music. mostly hip hop and metal probably
  • tawny likes super upbeat music and emo music

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Do any of your OCs have particularly strong or weak senses?
  • baileys got a strong sense of taste
  • ash is super sensitive physically to touch
  • elliott is also like ash being sensitive to touch
  • shiloh cant smell or taste and cannot feel pain
  • nash cannot feel pain either nor can they smell or taste
  • lyall probably cant smell
  • anantas feeling of touch is probably not so strong

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Does ash know how to cook?

they DO and they can probably cook decently. they put so much spice in everything tho

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Which of your OCs has the longest record of not bathing

Vladimir sasha mikhail and shiloh

Sashas gone a few centuries without it. vlad goes for months at a time sometimes

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monodrunk replied to your post: anonymous said:Can any of your oc…

dev could german suplex all 4 of them

i hope she enjoys suplexing a 3 year old

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Magic!Anonrien the next three oc response posts must be answered as if your setting is a sports anime. Your sport is: BOWLING