Aug 2 2014 0:27 2 notes

which one of ur ocs is most likely to be anime loving trash

Elliott and tawny canonically confirmed for anime loving trash

Aug 2 2014 0:23 2 notes

Why does the ocs who have crushes on Ellie have the crushes

elliotts a generally pleasant person to be around. Hes very nice and very likeable 

hes just terrified of romantic or sexual relations with others 

Aug 1 2014 23:29 7 notes

Aug 1 2014 23:03 3 notes

im looking back at the first messages i sent catshop on facebook and its painful

Aug 1 2014 22:58 7 notes

tearzah ur ocs have been engrained in my memory like i'll see ash or ananta and be like "ah yeah....good morning guys" my dash would feel incomplete without them

long live my incessant oc blogging

Aug 1 2014 22:50 4 notes

my tablet started working again so i drew Dick butt

Aug 1 2014 22:17 3 notes

i know my sisters url but if i followed her shed know its me because my url is my name She cant know

Aug 1 2014 22:00 50 notes

U have nash grier eyes♥♥♥♥


I’m gonna shit in your eye sockets until you can see clearly again.

Aug 1 2014 21:41 12 notes


seperate snake nath

Aug 1 2014 21:38 4 notes

i drew a pic of me being PISSED because my tablets half working right now